Overview World Class PrecisionTBEI, Inc.

Truck Bodies & Equipment International (TBEI) encompasses five leading manufacturers of dump bodies, landscape bodies, platforms, hoists, and truck and trailer equipment and accessories.

The fusion of Crysteel Manufacturing, Ox Bodies, Rugby Manufacturing, DuraClass, and J-Craft positions TBEI as the standard-setter in the design, manufacture, delivery, and servicing of a broad portfolio of high-precision and high-performance truck body and hoist equipment.

Our Product Portfolio

  • Class 3 - 8 Dump Bodies
  • Class 3 - 8 Platform Bodies
  • Class 7 - 8 Grain Bodies
  • Dump Trailers

  • Class 3 - 6 Landscape Bodies
  • Military Dump Bodies
  • Dump, Conversion & Trailer Hoists
  • Specialty Truck Equipment & Accessories

TBEI Collage - Crysteel, Ox Bodies, Rugby, DuraClass, J-Craft